Dedicated to Thermoforming & Vacuum Forming Since 1983


Thermal Trends Inc. is a first tier OEM and custom manufacturer of thermoformed products and vacuum formed plastic parts. We have been a provider of high quality thermoformed products and vacuum formed parts successfully since 1983.
We offer custom thermoforming and part finishing for plastic part manufacturing, prototyping, and plastic part fabrication. Custom Thermoforming plastics, Pressure Forming plastics and Vacuum Forming plastics processes are readily available. From limited quantities to large runs we can meet all of your Thermoforming needs up to a machine size of 7' by 5', .03 thick to .375 thick plastics. We specialize in shipping and handling trays. Allow us the opportunity to prepare your drawings or designs to be manufacturing ready. You’ll benefit with how we integrate our manufacturing processes to work seamlessly with yours.
Thermoforming parts is a process where heated thermoplastic sheets are molded by using vacuum pressure to conform the sheet to a mold. 

• Vacuum forming parts consists of heating a thermoplastic sheet to make it pliable and then applying vacuum and/or pressure so the sheet conforms to the mold depending on the characteristics of the part.

First Tier OEM Thermoforming and Vacuum Forming Manufacturer

As a manufacturer of thermoformed plastic or vacuum formed plastic parts for OEMs, you can have confidence in our abilities towards early stage new product development, rapid part prototypes to secure your market timing objectives.

Custom Thermoforming and Custom Vacuum Forming

Thermal Trends does custom thermoforming of plastic products and manufactures custom vacuum formed parts.

Achieving an Aesthetic or Decorative Look at a Lower Cost

Thermoforming and vacuum forming can be used to create a cosmetic or decorative look on a portion of the main OEM product. As a vacuum & thermoforming manufacturer with 33 plus years of experience, we can achieve the high quality  aesthetic look of other processes, but at a lower cost to you.

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Thermoforming and vacuum forming services offer both a decorative cosmetic & textured look. In addition to fast full turnkey from design to production at excellent cost savings over tooling costs. Here are several more added advantages over injection molding that can be summarized as:
  • Top 3 advantages Quick, Efficient, and Low Cost.
  • Lead times for tooling and production are much shorter and cost effective than other processes.
  • Replaces, wood, metal, fiberglass or plastic injection molded products at lower costs.
  • Faster product development and increased speed to market.
  • Large selection of material options from ABS, polycarbonate, polyethylene, polypropylene, acrylic, TPO, PETG, conductive materials, co-extruded materials, flame retardant materials and more.